Micro Markets are the newest thing in the vending world. It brings a mini convenience store to your break room and gives the employees the availability of many items that cannot be put in traditional vending machines. They are very sharp and modern looking and employees really enjoy them. You select what you want, take it to a state of the art kiosk to scan the items, and pay for them. It works like the self-checkout at a grocery store.

All of our markets are fully customizable to your business with your colors and logo. We do not incorporate our logo or the manufacturer’s logo into our markets. They are not generic markets but built specifically for you, the customer. We are excited to be one of the few companies that offer this new market.

What gives us the competitive edge in micro markets is the extensive knowledge we have of operating 7 convenience stores over the last 17 years. As stated above, these markets are like a mini c-store in your break room. Having the c-stores opens us up to a whole other line of products that are not available through vending distributors.

If you are interested in a micro market or want to find out more information, please call us or go to the contact tab and submit your information. We will set up a time to come meet with you, give you more information and determine the best fit for your needs.